The daily output of melt spraying cloth of tianfei new material increased from about 2 tons to 3 tons
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Over the past few days, by expanding production capacity and increasing production shifts, Jiangxi Tianfei New Materials Co., Ltd. has increased its daily output of melting and spraying cloth from about 2 tons to 3 tons, further providing a strong guarantee for urgently needed materials for epidemic prevention and control in the province.

Melting and spraying cloth is a key raw material for mask production. In the most critical stage of anti-epidemic, Jiangxi Tianfei New Materials Co., Ltd. as the only medical melting and spraying cloth production enterprise in the province, officially resumed work on February 1, with two production lines running at full capacity.The melting and spraying cloth produced by the company is listed as the urgent and urgent medical materials for epidemic prevention and control in the key dispatching of the province, and the company has established the system of double special commissioner-in-factory to ensure the production of key enterprises and key areas.

It is understood that the city bureau of industry and since Feb. 18, deploy capable force to the enterprise unified deployment of melt-blown cloth production and sales, raise melt-blown polypropylene raw material supply, urge enterprises to expand production capacity, increase production shift, at the same time made of melt-blown fabric allocation, the daily production quantity all included in the deployment plan.As of April 7, a total of 150.9 tons of melting spraying cloth deployment plan has been completed, including 80.9 tons of provincial deployment and support plan and 70 tons of municipal deployment plan.The project is expected to produce 150.9 million masks.

Source: Jiujiang Daily